Our intelligent enforcement tool gives instant reports in real-time for live contraventions. This report can be sent to:

  • Enforcement Officers on the ground
  • The Enforcement control centre
  • Your back-office team
  • Our App or via SMS

All the information can be viewed live or at a later time through our web based tool. The reporting system offers a full audit trail of all transactions and revenue.

Bemrose Mobile provides secure access to live real-time data and is available 24/7/365, providing data reports and analysis - allowing a complete audit trail of transactions.

The service provides both information and support for customer queries and the necessary tools for relevant strategic planning.

We offer operators secure multiple logins with unique passwords, allowing different users different levels of data access. We are able to customise the reports and services through our online portal to meet the operator’s requirements.

Any report that is run can be exported into many applications, including MS Excel.

As well as monitoring usage of your car park, our data can also provide you with vital statistics to assist in your future planning. The format of any data that will be generated and passed to you could include, for example:

  • Customer Shopping Patterns
  • Repeat Visitors
  • Staff Parking Habits
  • Offender Alerts
  • Hot Lists
  • Parking Durations
  • Arrival & Departure Patterns
  • Prediction of Revenue Generation Possibilities
  • Parking Capacity
  • Car Park Congestion

All data can be referenced against criteria (for example different weather conditions) to establish how this affects parking patterns.

The service also provides both information and support for customer queries. As violators can be easily tracked and usage can be monitored in real time, our reporting offers the necessary tools for relevant strategic planning.