"Providing virtual permits for your residents, their visitors and other permit types"

Virtual permits (also known as electronic permits) is fast becoming the method of choice for any operator who is uses parking permits or exemptions.

Now, the process of applying for a permit, reviewing the application, issuing a permit, and verifying vehicles can now all be done electronically. Virtual permits are a quick, reliable and stress-free alternative to paper permits, meaning residents can apply for their permits online or via Smart{hone app and issuing parking operators can approve applications electronically, ensuring that the entire process can be managed automatically.

The online application process enables (for example) residents to apply for, renew or change details of a parking permit. Once a decision is made and a permit is issued by the relevant department, the applicant will be informed via SMS (text message) and/or email.

Once registered, virtual permit holders can also purchase visitor parking permits online by logging in and selecting the quantity and duration they require (subject to the rules and limits of the parking operator).

Operators benefit from the scheme by reducing printing costs and time dedicated to processing applications manually, as well as reducing the amount of face-to-face permit applications. The online application process is user-friendly and ensures that the process is quick and simple.

If you are interested in offering v-permits to your motorists, please contact us today!