Bemrose Mobile offers parking technology services for over 55 Local Authorities across the UK. Our latest product offers the ultimate tools for effective enforcement.

Our cutting-edge service is unique in the market place, offering more efficiency to the operator and a ‘best-in-class’ parking experience for the motorist.

Our intelligent solutions work towards the provision of a perfect parking operation. Using sophisticated analysis, we can alert Enforcement in real-time of parking infringements – whether vehicles have:

  • stayed beyond the maximum free allowance
  • haven't paid
  • stayed beyond the amount of time for which they have paid

Our specially designed software will collect parking payments and track and identify parking infringements. We send instant alerts to the Enforcement team. The enforcement then continues as normal, with PCN’s placed on vehicles.

The benefits are instant, ongoing and multi-faceted:

To the parking operator:

  • Reactive, targeted, effective enforcement, no longer hit & miss!!
  • Ensures 100% compliance – meaning more income, fewer motorists “chancing it”
  • Reduced enforcement requirement and less need to employ new staff

Our system is fully automated and operates 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Operators get more income without increasing tariffs.

Benefits to the motorist:

  • Increased patronage of car parks, with more dwell time and no pressure to leave
  • Maximum space availability for genuine paying motorists
  • Pay for time parked, no need to estimate expected time
  • Autopay, the automated payment tool, meaning registered drivers enter and exit the car park and are automatically debited the correct parking tariff

Environmental benefits - Meeting social responsibility objectives –

  • Litter/ticketing reduction
  • Improve car park sustainability performance
  • Improve staff efficiency and reduce unnecessary carbon emissions

By offering our brand new, more efficient, more productive, more effective enforcement procedure, you enhance the driver’s parking experience and promote the environment at the same time.