Whatever your preferred method, you can pay for parking at Phone and Pay car parks via:


Park your vehicle, ring the Phone and Pay area number (clearly displayed on our signage), quote the site code and select your length of stay - your parking booking is now complete!

Opting for SMS services will give you the added comfort of receiving a text confirming your booking and when your parking is due to expire.

SMS (text message)

Text the following information to 07786 207 708:

  • Location number
  • Length of stay (in minutes)
  • Payment card 3-digit security code

For example: if you park at location 2500 for 60 minutes with payment card security code 530, you text: 2500 60 530

Smartphone App

Download the Phone and Pay smartphone app and register your information, including your vehicle and payment card details. Select your location and length of stay to confirm your booking. You only need to register once; all of your information is stored for future use.

Pay by Cash

Pay in selected retailers by providing your vehicle details and mobile number, if available, to book parking.

Once you’ve booked your parking all information, including your vehicle, location and parking details, is instantly sent to the handsets of local Enforcement Officers meaning no need to buy a ticket or display it on your windscreen.