Real Time Parking Management

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Bemrose Mobile offers simple access for clients to back offices services, meaning that they are able to change parameters in real time. This means that clients can react instantly to local circumstances such as road closures or major events providing a responsive service to customers. This includes the opportunity to suspend parking or offer complimentary parking (for example in the run up to Christmas).

Suspend Parking
This option allows car park operators to switch on and off designated parking locations with the click of one button. This is an efficient method to instantaneously discontinue the availability of specific car parks or streets, in response to events such as road works, building work, accidents, or emergencies.

These can all now be controlled remotely and effectively.
Free Parking Option
Occasionally, it is necessary to designate chargeable car parking as free, for example due to a local event or at Christmas time to encourage shoppers into town centres. Our simple back office solution can target either specific parking zones or complete car parks. Free parking can be controlled by the simple click of a button through operators back office systems.

Our services gives ownership of parking control where it belongs – directly to the car park operator.